Our Service

areUfit has been established to provide a range of fitness, coaching & training services to groups or individuals.
Although specifically aimed at cyclists areUfit can also help teams & individuals (whether they are competing or not) to get fitter and to maximise their potential by improving overall fitness and endurance levels as well as providing basic nutritional advise.
Importantly areUfit has established links with other professional sport & fitness consultants such as physiotherapists, sports medicine & sports massage in order to provide a complete training, coaching and fitness service.

Our athlete centred programmes are tailored to the individual.

An initial consultation is followed by the preparation of a full profile of you the rider. This helps identify your strengths and weaknessess. What you like to do and what you don't. What your current level of fitness is and what your goals are for the future.
The next step involves working with the rider to draw up a training plan. Typically this covers the whole year and periodises the year in to training and racing blocks. It also identifies where the rider wants to peak for races or set goals to be attained. It will also identify any testing that is required to assess progress

The 3rd STEP is to design a monthly "Meso plan". This will broadly describe the training programme for the coming few weeks.

The FINAL STEP is to set down a weekly training plan. This will describe in detail what training is to be done & to what level. It also allows the rider to feed back Information relating to the training to for logging. Importantly it also allows an analysis of the previous weeks training so that any adjustments in the next weeks training can be made.

Throughout the above process whenever it is possible I will work directly with the rider in both training and competition. This is not about sending me your money in return for a bunch of paperwork.

If you do well so do I

Cycle & personal training in Oxford, Oxfordshire